We are authorized for BOSCH Diesel Service (BDS) by Robert BOSCH Gmbh. We provide all types of repair services for BOSCH/MICO Diesel fuel injection pump (FIP). At present we have five individual services located at Dhaka, Bogra, Jessore, Sylhet & Rajshahi area, however more service centers are going to be introduced within very short time. Our service team consists of a group of trained engineers and technicians with well-equipped tools, utilities to meet BOSCH quality standard.

Our district-wise active service center locations are:

Dhaka Service Center

House 69, Road 4, Block C, Banani, Dhaka 1213

Tel: +880.2.984 8748-9
Fax: +880.2.986 2340
Cell: +880 19 7416 3536, +880 19 7791 4796,
+880 19 7295 0188

Email: info@abedinequipment.com
Web: www.abedinequipment.com

Bogra Service Center

5451, Gohail Road
Kaigari, Bogra

Tel: 051-78379
Cell: +880 19 2511 1555

Email: ks.bogra@abedinequipment.com
Web: www.abedinequipment.com

Jessore Service Center

Plot -04, Sector-09, Sheikhati
Bablatola, Dhaka road, Jessore

Cell: +880 19 2511 1666

Email: ks.jessore@abedinequipment.com
Web: www.abedinequipment.com

Sylhet Service Center

Haji Idris Ali Complex
South Surma, Mominkhola, Bypass Road, Syhlet

Cell: +880 19 2511 1888

Email: ks.sylhet@abedinequipment.com
Web: www.abedinequipment.com

Rajshahi Service Center

Nawdapara Bus Terminal
Bypass Road, Rajshahi

Cell: +880 19 2522 2777

Email: ks.rajshahi@abedinequipment.com
Web: www.abedinequipment.com